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Individual Counselling

Motherhood brings with it many challenges and a rollercoaster of feelings and experiences. It can be difficult to cope with these challenges and see the life lessons they provide us without the support of a consistent safe space and person to go to to process it all. Individual counselling may be the outlet you need to process your experiences and help facilitate your healing journey.

Individual counselling can help with an array of life's challenges including: overwhelm, relationship challenges, the challenges that come with the transition to motherhood, conflict resolution, boundary setting, confidence in self, etc. 

Counselling can also be helpful in treating most mental health issues including: Perinatal anxiety, depression and OCD, Birth Trauma, PTSD, perinatal mood disorders, and more. 

Internal Family Systems Therapy: 

IFS is an approach to psychotherapy that acknowledges the multiplicity of the human mind. In IFS, the mind is seen as a complex system comprised of different "parts" or subpersonalities. Through a process of inner exploration and understanding, clients work with their counsellor to identify and communicate with these various parts, gaining insight into their roles and purposes. By fostering self-compassion, IFS therapy empowers individuals to heal past wounds, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a more authentic and harmonious sense of self.

Somatic Therapy:

Somatic therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that recognizes the intricate connection between the mind and the body. This therapeutic modality acknowledges that emotional and psychological experiences are not solely confined to the realm of thoughts and feelings but are also manifested and stored within the body. Counsellors work with clients to explore and address the physiological sensations, bodily movements, and patterns of tension or relaxation associated with emotional and psychological experiences. By promoting awareness and understanding of the body's innate wisdom, somatic therapy aims to release stored trauma, resolve physical and emotional blockages, and restore balance to the individual as a whole. Through various techniques such as breathwork, body awareness exercises and gentle movements, somatic therapy supports clients in reconnecting with their bodies, fostering self-regulation, and facilitating healing on both physical and psychological levels.

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